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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2021-2022 Catalog

The Mission

Schoolcraft is a comprehensive, open door, community-based college. The mission of the College is to provide a transformational learning experience designed to increase the capacity of individuals and groups to achieve intellectual, social, and economic goals.

The Vision

The College wishes to be a first choice provider of educational services, a competent organization, functioning with integrity, behaving strategically, and providing value beyond expectations.

College Values

  • We recognize that students are our reason for existence and that student success is paramount to our mission.
  • We pledge to follow ethical practices in the classroom, boardroom, business operations, and all other areas of the College.
  • We value diversity in our students, staff, and programming.
  • We are committed to having a positive intellectual, social, and economic impact on the communities we serve.
  • We strive to achieve leadership in academics, management practices, employee relations, and institutional innovation.
  • We strive to maintain a supportive, cordial, and aesthetically pleasing environment for our students, staff, and community.
  • We encourage lifelong learning for our students and staff by providing the most current programs, utilizing the most effective instructional delivery methods.
  • We believe that higher education should be accessible to the greatest number of our constituents.

Schoolcraft College provides this document for information purposes only. Its contents do not constitute a contract between this institution and prospective or enrolled students. The information contained in this document reflects the current curricula of the college as of 2/15/21. This information is subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Trustees or the administration.