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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Degree Graduation Requirements

Earning Your Schoolcraft College Degree or Certificate

Schoolcraft College offers 5 types of credit bearing credentials:

Schoolcraft College offers multiple levels of credentials (certificates or degrees) that allow a student to get the right skills and knowledge that prepares them to either begin or advance in a career or transfer into a bachelor degree. 

  • Skills Certificate (CRT): 16 - 20 credit hours
  • Certificate (1YC): 21 - 48 credit hours
  • Associate Degree (AA, AAS, etc.): 60 minimum credit hours
  • Post Associate Certificate (PAC): 16-20 credit hours
  • Bachelor Degree (BS) in Culinary and Dietary Operations Management

How are these credentials earned?

  • Students earn a credential (degrees and certificates) by completing courses required in a specific program of study.
  • Each course in the program of study is worth a certain amount of credit hours, also known as credits.
    • Credits are based on the number of hours of required meeting times for the class or the number of competencies that are achieved. (Learn more about credit and contact hours at Schoolcraft College.) 

Most credentials are considered “stackable” as one credential might lead into the next credential. As an example, students may choose to complete courses towards the Accounting Skills Certificate, then the Accounting 1 Year Certificate, before they complete an Associate Degree in Accounting.

IMPORTANT: Always work with an academic advisor when selecting your program of study.

Associate and Bachelor Degree Requirements

Associate and Bachelor degree programs have special requirements. Below is information and a PDF guide for the different degree requirements.

The Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) is intended to lead students into a career opportunity. The specific requirements are detailed in each of the AAS programs.

Students may also use the Associate of General Students (AGS) to lead toward increasing their career options.

To meet the needs of transfer students, the Associate of Arts (AA), Business Administration (ABA), Engineering (AE), Fine Arts (AFA), General Studies (AGS), and Science (AS) degrees include: 

  1. A set of Liberal Arts courses in math, science, humanities, social science, and English or other courses; 
  2. A specific set of courses in a Major Area of Study; and
  3. Courses that fulfill Schoolcraft College’s General Education requirements. 

All three of these components will be necessary to graduate. Certain degrees also require the completion of General Elective courses.

Schoolcraft College offers one bachelor degree option using the Bachelor of Science degree requirements.