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2023-2024 Schoolcraft Catalog 
2023-2024 Schoolcraft Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BUS 123 - Consumer Behavior

Credits: 3
Lecture Contact Hours: 3
Description: This course explores the background of consumer behavior from the viewpoint of the individual, households, society and culture. Insights to individual behavior like personality, motivation and perception are covered. An exploration of social-cultural influences like economics, ethics and multiculturalism will provide an understanding of local, regional, national and global approaches to understanding consumers. In addition to consumer purchasing decisions, creating promotional strategies for customer retention and consumerism and public policy issues will be discussed.

Prerequisites: None.
Corequisites: None.
Recommended: None.

Course Category: Occupational
This Course is Typically Offered: Winter, Spring, Fall
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Course Competencies
  1. Discover the benefits of studying consumer behavior.
  2. Examine internal and external influences on consumer behavior.
  3. Analyze the consumer purchase decision.
  4. Explore factors that influence consumer behavior from the viewpoint of the individual, households, and society.
  5. Analyze how cultural differences and multicultural influences impact consumer buying.
  6. Investigate the various promotional strategies for customer retention.
  7. Examine ethical issues in consumer behavior.
  8. Explore psychographic influences on consumer purchases.
  9. Outline factors that affect adoption or resistance to market innovations.

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